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Creating the Catalog, Before and After FRBR

This is a talk I gave recently to a group of Latin American metadata librarians. It includes some content from both my SWIB talk (2015) and the Catalogs and Content document. The conclusion remains the same, which is that we have made numerous technology changes over the last 60 years but are essentially still creating data that served the alphabetically-order card catalog. Technology itself cannot "fix" this, we have to change the data content of our catalog so that today's technology can find new ways to help users navigate the overwhelming information space that we curate.


Catalogs and Context

I wrote a series of six blog posts based on a talk I gave at ELAG2016, about the loss of context in library catalogs. This document is a combination of all of those posts. 


Mistakes Have Been Made

My (amusing) talk at SWIB 2015.


Differences Between Traditional Data Processinging and Semantic Web Austin, DC2014, October

Data and tested examples


Slides for "Linked Data, Easy as 1, 2, 3," Singapore, 2013. (PDFs, in zip file)


Think "Different" (PDF) DC2012 (Kuching) and Emtacl12. This is a write-up of my talk, not just slides, since the slides themselves don't include the text of the talk.

Kuching, Malaysia, tutorial slides as handouts in PDF

ALA Webinar: Libraries and Linked Data; looking to the future

Library Linked Data: an Evolution, for Global Interoperability and Linked Data in Libraries, Florence, June 18-19, 2012. (English, italiano)

NISO Webinar: Taking Library Data from Here to There February, 2012. In particular, see the Questions and Answers from the session.

Knowledge Organization. ALA Midwinter, Dallas, 2012. (PDF)

From here to there: Library linked data. ALA Midwinter, Dallas, 2012. (PDF)


On the Web, of the Web, keynote given at LITA 2011, October 1.

Presentations from ALA 2011 in New Orleans

ASIST Webinar: Library Linked Data, Part I: Introduction to the Semantic Web (Mar. 8, 2011)

ASIST Webinar:Library Linked Data, Part II: Tools and Techniques (as an HTML document) (Mar. 15, 2011)

Bibliographic Data: A New Context. January 28/29, Kunnskapsorganisasjonsdagene 2011, Oslo, Norway. (PDF)


Linked Data & Libraries. December, 2010. Online 2010, London. (PPTX)
Yes we can! Libraries and the Semantic Web. November, 2010. Semantic Web in Bibliotheken, Koln, Germany (PPT)
New Models of Metadata. October, 2010 ALA TechSource Webinar. (PPTX)
Semantic Web & Libraries. July, 2010, AALL Conference (PDF)
Linked Data and Libraries. June, 2010, ALA Pre-Conference on Linked Data (PDF)
The book. Urban Libraries Council, January, 2010 (PDF)
What is the book when it is in digital format? Includes a description of digital rights management technologies and the possible effects of the Google Book Search product on libraries.
Nuove direzioni in metadata. May, 2010, (MOV)
Webcast created for a meeting of the libraries of the Provincia di Treviso.


Metadata is a Plural Noun. 2009, NETSL
"Libraries have operated for over 150 years with a very singular view of bibliographic metadata: the catalog record. In a new world of interactive, networked information, the catalog record can no longer stand apart if it is to serve information users. The focus must move from the record to the data itself, and to the many contexts where bibliographic data elements must be designed to interact with the online information universe."
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