Karen Coyle — Selected Talks & Appearances

Is Patron Privacy a Realistic Library Goal?. Los Angeles Chapter of ASIS. Balancing Access, Privacy and Security in Your Organization. October 1, 2004.

Digital Rights Management. Access Canada. Digital Rights Conference. March 25, 2004.

The Technology of Rights: Digital Rights Management. Library of Congress Luminary Lecture Series, November, 2003. In PDF or HTML.

Keynote: Technology and Society: Shaping Library Policy. Amigos Member Conference, April, 2003.

Usage Tracking and Privacy. Making E-books Work: Librarians and Publishers Exchange Needs and Solutions. January 23, 2003.

Privacy, Promotion and Public Records on the Internet. 50th Annual Coulter Lecture, at the California Library Association Conference, November 4, 2001.

Keynote: Privacy on the Internet. Illinois Library Association, Annual Conference, October, 2001.

CREN TechTalk, April, 2001

Libraries, the Internet, and Privacy. LITA Forum, November 2-5, 2000, Portland, OR.

Berkeley Center for Law and Technology. Washington Technology Briefing. November 20, 2000.

California Consumer Affairs Association's Annual Conference, November, 2000. Talk on Internet Privacy.

Long Island Library Resources Council, Conference on Libraries and the Future. e-Information Ethics. October 19/20, 2000

Uncommon Knowledge™ show on Privacy and the Internet, taped June, 2000.

The Future of Libraries, Strait to the Future; 8th Asia-Pacific Conference, Hobart, Tasmania. August 22-26, 1999.

Copyright in the Digital Age, European Council of International Schools Conference, Hamburg, Germany. November 19-22, 1998.

Privacy on the Internet, European Council of International Schools Conference, Hamburg, Germany. November 19-22, 1998.

Privacy and Free Speech, American Association of Law Librarians, Anaheim, CA. July 13, 1998. http://www.kcoyle.net/aall98.html

Libraries, Philosophy, and the Net, WILSWorld '98 Conference, Madison, WI. May 28, 1998.

Keynote Address: Philosophy and Our Future, SWALL/HALL Annual Meeting, Houston, TX. March 27, 1998.

Charting New Frontiers: Panel on Privacy Law, Northern California Law Librarians Institute, Concord, CA. March 21, 1997.

Privacy: Panel, American Association of Law Libraries, Western Pacific Chapter, Sacramento, CA. October 23, 1997.

Copyright and Libraries: And International View of the Issues, Pacific Northwest Library Association, Seattle, WA. August 8, 1997.

Private Space and Public Lives: Panel on Social Responsibility and Internet, Information Privacy, Security and Data Integrity. ASIS Midyear Meeting, Scottsdale, AZ. June 2, 1997.

Why Librarians Should Rule the Net, President's Program, Texas Library Association Meeting, Fort Worth, TX. April 10, 1997.

Internet: The Good, the Bad, the Controversial., Washington Library Association, Continuing Education Committee., WA. September 14, 1996.

Copyright in the Digital Age, Future Libraries: Threats to Public Access in the Digital Age. Sponsored by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, San Francisco, CA. August 7, 1996.

Metadata, Symposium on Computer and Library Sciences. HP Labs Research Library, Palo Alto, CA. May 3, 1996.

Impact of Information Commercialism: The Downside, LITA/LAMA Conference, Pittsburgh, PA. Octer, 1996.

Libraries in the Digital Age, Information Beyond the Year 2000: Issues for the Special Librarian, La Jolla, CA. March 22, 1996.

Data, Metadata, and Networked Information Retrieval, Computer Science Colloquium. Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA. September 26, 1996.

Gender and Computers, Berkeley Mac Users Group Meeting, Berkeley, CA. November 7, 1996.

The Future of the Internet, Multimedia Playground, San Francisco, CA. Marc 12, 1995.

The Internet:Issues Facing Librarians and Users, California Academic and Research Librarians, Benicia, CA. June 6, 1995.

Growing our Information Future, Ethics of the Internet Seminar, Berkeley, CA. November, 1995.

Defining Access and Equity. Keynote speech., Tomorrow's Science and Technology: In whose Interest? Student Pugwash USA National Conference, Palo Alto, CA. January 26, 1995.

Women and Technology Education, Association for Library and Information Science Education, Philadelphia, PA. February 1, 1995.

Virtual Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Virtues, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA. May 7, 1995.

The Internet and Our Information Future, Changing Libraries, Changing Lives. Manitoba Library Association Meeting, Manitoba, Ca. May 13, 1995.

The Changing Face of Information, Southern California Technical Services Processing Group, Upland, CA. May 19, 1995.

What's Out There?, Multimedia Playground, San Francisco. February 26, 1995.

Access: Not Just Wires, Annual Meeting of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, San Diego, CA. October, 1994.

Internet and the Boarderless Community, World Affairs Council of Northern California, San Francisco, CA. September 13, 1994.

Internet for Complete Beginners, Exploratorium Museum, San Francisco, CA. September 17, 1994.

Introduction to the Internet, Society for Technical Communication, Berkeley, CA. January 12, 1994.

Getting Wired, AOL Wired Auditorium, . September 8, 1994.

Cyber-Activist's Top Ten List: What You Can Do for the Internet, DEFCON II, Las Vegas, NV. July 23, 1994.

Introduction to Format Integration, Southern California Technical Processes Group, Riverside, CA. April 23, 1993.

MARC Format and Its Implications: The Local Catalog Perspective, LITA National Conference, Boston, MA. October 5, 1988.