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Karen Coyle is a librarian with nearly four decades of experience with library technology. She engages in a variety of areas relating to digital libraries. Karen has published dozens of articles and reports, most available on her web site, kcoyle.net. She has served on standards committees including the MARC standards group (MARBI), NISO committee AX for the OpenURL standard, and was an ALA representative to the e-book standards development that led to the ePub standard. She follows, writes, and speaks on a wide range policy areas, including intellectual property, privacy, and public access to information. She is currently investigating the possibilities offered by the semantic web and linked data technology, working with the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative and taking part in standards efforts of the World Wide Web Consortium.

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Consulting and Speaking

I consider myself "semi-retired" and am no longer seeking work as a consultant. I am still available to share my expertise where it can be useful, and I continue writing and engaging with the community.

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Email: kcoyle@kcoyle.net
Web: http://www.kcoyle.net
Skype: kcoylenet

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