Tutorial on Metadata and the Semantic Web

Table of Contents

Some slides (with some repetition among them). Feel free to use/re-use slides or ideas in your own training.

Part I: Metadata Basics

Learn the key concepts of metadata creation and use. These concepts will be applied in the sections that follow.

1. Data with a purpose

2. Understanding data

3. Identifiers and identities

4. Making a statement & creating graphs

Part II: Linked Data and the Semantic Web

A basic introduction to the Semantic Web and the concept of "linked data."

1. Introduction to the Semantic Web

† Important note on Things and Strings

2. The Uniform Resource Identifier

3. Defining and using ontologies

4. Defining and using controlled vocabularies

Part III: Semantic Web Standards

The primary standards of the semantic web: RDF, OWL, SPARQL


Advanced Exercises


Recent set of slides, zipped